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The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans life presents Queer X! This initiative delivers critically important topics and conversations that impact the queer and trans community through story-sharing, presentations and panels.

Can’t Make It To A QueerX Event?

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Past Queer X Presentations

Can I Say Queer?

QueerX: "Can I Say Queer?"

LGBTQIA+ Sexual Violence

LGBTQIA Sexual Violence

Our Identities Matter: Queer and Trans Indigenous People and People of Color

QueerX: Our Identities Matter

Queer(ing) Sustainability

Queer(ing) Sustainability

Non-binary and Gender Non-conforming Identities

QueerX: Non-Binary and Gender-Nonconforming Identities

Non-Monogamous Relationships

QueerX: Non-Monogamous Relationships