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The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans life presents our newest program Queer X! This initiative delivers critically important topics and conversations that impact the queer and trans community through story-sharing, presentations and panels.

This year's line-up will cover a wide range of LGBTQIA-centered topics and will be available to live stream as well as view online here after each event.


Fall 2018 line-up:


Become a Queer Healthcare Pirate: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Care Systems and Insurance

5-6 PM          Appleby Hall, Room 3             

Featuring: Tanith Broom

Co-founder and President of TransChance Health - a nonprofit focused on making healthcare navigation for trans people a breeze instead of a nightmare. They have worked for 15+ years as a healthcare pirate and volunteered as a LGBTQ+ patient advocate for 10+. On any given day you can find them destroying the patriarchy and making healthcare accessible and competent for all 

This presentation will give a roadmap for trans patients to access gender affirming healthcare through developing healthcare and insurance literacy, navigate roadblocks such as prior authorizations or acquiring coverage if uninsured, and manage setbacks like denials. In addition to this, attendees will learn fundamental patient rights and the skills necessary to confidently self-advocate and be the leader guiding their healthcare team. Participants will leave with an understanding of health insurance, actions to take when facing obstacles, and resources to utilize for further help.


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