Andrea Jenkins Lecture Series

The Andrea Jenkins Lecture Series at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is an annual lecture that honors Andrea Jenkins and works to center the voices of queer and trans people of color. This series was created in 2017 by the National Center for Gender Spectrum Health and the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life.

Each year Andrea Jenkins selects one or more artists, performers, or speakers to illuminate pressing issues and topics connected to the lives of transgender and queer people of color.

The event typically features a reception to promote community engagement, followed by a lecture or performance. This event is free and open to the public, welcoming more than 200 attendees each year.


About Andrea Jenkins

Andrea Jenkins is a writer, performance artist, poet, and transgender activist. She is the first African American openly trans woman to be elected to office in the United States. Jenkins moved to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota in 1979 and was hired by the Hennepin County government, where she worked for a decade. Jenkins worked as a staff member on the Minneapolis City Council for 12 years before beginning work as curator of the Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota's Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies.

She holds a Masters Degree in Community Development from Southern New Hampshire University, a MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University and a Bachelors Degrees in Human Services from Metropolitan State University. She is a nationally and internationally recognized writer and artist, a 2011 Bush Fellow to advance the work of transgender inclusion, and the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships. In 2018 she completed the Senior Executives in State and Local Government at Harvard University.

Made Possible Through Campus Partnerships

This event series is made possible due to the generous support of our campus partners, which include:

  • National Center for Gender Spectrum Health
  • Office of Equity and Diversity, Education Program
  • Transgender Advisory and Action Team


Past Speakers...

Past speakers have included:

  • Andrea Jenkins
  • J Mase III
  • Lady Dane Edidi Figueroa
  • Monica Roberts
  • C. Riley Snorton
  • Miss Major
  • Raquel Willis

2022 Andrea Jenkins Lecture

2022 Andrea Jenkins Lecture

A photo of Yoseñio V. Lewis, Roxanne Anderson, and Jai on a black, purple, and yellow background.

Andrea Jenkins Lecture 2022 flyer

2021 Andrea Jenkins Lecture

Andrea Jenkins lecture April 22, 2021