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Photo of 3 Lavender House students at the 2017 leadership retreat

Photo Credit: Bailey Jader

Students living in Lavender House's Living Learning Community (LLC) are able to explore and express their whole selves, including their gender identities and sexualities in a safer and affirming environment. Members of this LLC center their values around social justice and inclusion, and are active members of the U of M community. With the support of the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life (GSC), Lavender House students connect with diverse queer communities on and off campus, attend cultural events and participate in a leadership retreat.


Students who participate in LLC’s enjoy benefits including:

  • Higher retention rates- demonstrating academic success at all ability levels
  • A more positive perception of the residential experience
  • An opportunity to live and connect with students who share interests and academic and personal goals
  • A chance to expand views through exploration and collaboration with campus departments
  • Greater connection to the university at-large
  • Direct access to Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life staff.
  • Opportunities to participate in civic engagement
  • Developing deeper bonds and a sense of community with cohort members

Engagement Expectations

Lavender House students engage in several development opportunities throughout the academic year (Note: All dates are TBD and are free):

  • Welcome Dinner – The GSC staff will join Lavender House for dinner to provide information about their office, resources, introduce career staff and begin planning events throughout the year.
  • Leadership Retreat – Lavender House residents will participate in a weekend-long retreat to create community, develop leadership skills, discover conflict-resolution practices, meet the HRL staff and Lavender House Community Advisor, and attend a session regarding rules and expectations of being a part of the Lavender House Community.
  • Community Participation – Lavender House residents will participate in 3 events per semester (6 total during the academic year) related to LGBTQIA identities of their choosing. Options include:
    • Attending an educational talk on/off campus
    • Attending an event on/off campus
    • Volunteering with a student group and/or local organization
    • Other community activities

Residents will be expected to write a brief 1-2 paragraph summary of the event to be handed in to the Community Advisor. Students may attend events individually or coordinate with other Lavender House residents and attend as a group.


Applying for Residency atLavender House

Visit Housing and Residential Life's Sign-Up page to apply. Select "Lavender House" as your first choice in the Living Learning Community section and select Comstock Hall as your first-choice residence hall.

March 1 - Priority Deadline for all Living Learning Communities
May 1 - General Deadline for incoming first-year students to apply for housing
June & July - Lavender House spaces are assigned by Housing & Residential Life. (This process often takes some time due to individualized assignment for students for all of the U of M's Living Learning Communities.)
July 31 - Deadline for students to receive notification of their Housing Assignment.

If you have already completed your application and indicated a preference of a different residence hall, you can adjust your preferences by:

Logging into your online housing application.
Selecting "Profile" from the left navigation menu.
Clicking on the "Profile" again in the expanded list.
Selecting "Lavender House" as LLC Request #1

Questions? Contact Us!

Kristie Feist, Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life 612-624-5981 |


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