Lavender Celebration

Photo of rainbow graduation tassles

Photo Credit: Jordan Steger

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

6:00p.m. - 8:30p.m. CST 

Whole Music Club, Coffman Memorial Union 

Lavender Celebration is an annual event that recognizes the achievements of graduating queer and trans students and honors faculty, staff, community members and students who have advanced inclusion, support and education around LGBTQIA identities. It is an event where LGBTQIA students of all identities are welcome to share their hopes and dreams with one another and be recognized by the institution for their leadership and achievements.

Join us as we celebrate past successes and new chapters forward with an award ceremony, entertainment, keynote speakers and, of course, cake!


Are You Graduating? Be Recognized at Lavender Celebration 2022!

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Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life Awards

Fill out this form to nominate someone for an award.

Every year, the GSC recognizes the accomplishments of students, staff, faculty and community members who advance inclusion, support and education of LGBTQIA identities on campus and in the community. 

Please view the following categories below for more info about each award. You can nominate someone else or yourself. 

QTBIPOC Excellence Award

The QTBIPOC (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Excellence Award recognizes individuals and groups who have demonstrated commitment to advancing the rights, status, and visibility of LGBTQ Black, Indigenous, and people or color communities.

Breaking the Silence Award

The LGBTQIA Breaking the Silence Award recognizes U of M staff, faculty, departments, and alumni demonstrating courage in the face of discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression, and/or sexual orientation by improving climate through specific departments or initiatives impacting LGBTQIA people at the University of Minnesota.

Community Excellence Award

The LGBTQIA Community Excellence Award recognizes individuals and groups who go above and beyond as a leader with a strong, demonstrated commitment to advancing Twin Cities LGBTQIA social justice movements.

Leadership and Service Award

The LGBTQIA Leadership & Service Award recognizes U of M undergraduate and graduate students and student leaders who go above & beyond in their roles, leadership, or service at the U of M to show a strong demonstrated commitment to LGBTQIA social justice and/or an increase in knowledge and awareness around queer and trans topics & identities.