Policy Education: Gender Equity & Access

This new administrative policy aligns with those commitments to non-discriminatory programs, activities, and facilities, and promotes a respectful University community free from discrimination based on gender identity or expression. The policy addresses the following.

  • Name, gender identity, and pronouns: Addresses the use of a specified name, gender identity, pronoun and other gendered personal references used to refer to an individual.
  • Privacy: specifies who should have access to pronouns, gender identify, and legal sex of a student maintained in University records and the need to maintain the privacy of this information.
  • Data collection: covers the need to specify at time of collection the reason for the information collection and how it will be used. Disclosures are only required when it’s legally mandated or when there is a legitimate University-related reason for the request.
  • Programs, activities, and facilities: provides specifics around accessing University housing, restrooms, locker rooms, camp programs and recreation services and activities. This includes accessing gender-specific facilities that correspond with an individual’s gender identity.

The full policy statement can be found here on the University policy website.

Frequently Asked Questions

New – Sharing Personal Pronouns and Preferred Name in Canvas

Yellow background with maroon text that says Now Available, pronouns in Canvas & MyU

Students and instructors now have the option to include personal pronouns and preferred name as part of their Canvas profile. With this new functionality, personal pronouns will appear to instructors and other students in their courses. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions Page

New Faculty Guide: Incorporating Names & Pronouns

Looking for ways to include names and pronouns in your courses? Incorporating Names & Pronouns Into Your Courses was developed in response to requests for instructional support resources following the recently approved Gender Equity and Access Policy. It is a concise list of practical strategies and resources for course design and daily classroom application.

New 2020 resource: Capturing gender identity information on surveys

GSC staff created "Guidance on Capturing Gender & Sex Identity Information", a resource to keep updated recommendations for asking questions about gender identity, gender expression, and sex identity on University surveys.

If you need further consultation after reviewing this document, please email [email protected].

Introduction to Pronouns

Online course: "What does it mean to identify as transgender or gender nonconforming (TGNC)?" (UMN Program in Human Sexuality)

Educational Resources About Gender Identity, Gender Expression, & Pronouns

Online course: "What does it mean to identify as Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC)?"

University of Minnesota Medical School  designed this free massive open online course (mooc) to help individuals learn more about transgender and gender non-conforming people

Faculty Resources for Gender Pronouns in Curriculum and Instruction

Folder containing resources and documents for pronoun education.

Nonbinary Pronouns Quick Tips by the Center for Writing

Information about the usage of nonbinary pronouns in writing.


Website providing resources and information on personal pronouns

They/Them Project by Brent Dundore

They/Them Project is a collection of photographs, podcasts, and video interviews, produced to inform and educate all about gender identity.

Practice Using Pronouns

Minus18 provides an online tool allowing users to practice using different pronouns.

Transgender Workplace Concerns 

In episode 2001 of the Behave podcast Trina Olson and Alfonso Wenker provide an overview of workplace concerns related to gender identity and gender expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the policy's implementation, scope, and impact.

A Special Thank You

This policy resulted from a robust, systemwide consultative process, and we are grateful to all who provided feedback and input. We are also grateful to the Trans Advisory & Action Team and the many transgender and gender non-conforming community members whose advocacy and education efforts laid the groundwork for this policy.

Education Sessions for Faculty & Staff

To request an education or training session about gender identity, gender expression, and gender pronouns, please contact your unit or college representative from this directory.

If your unit or department does not have a representative listed, please sumbit a request to the GSC using this form.

Education for Students Coming Soon

This page will be updated to include education sessions for University of Minnesota undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.