Mentor Program

Photo of 2 gender non-conforming students talking at a table

Photo Credit: Jordan Steger



The LGBTQIA Mentor Program seeks to empower students to enhance their learning experience, build community, attain personal growth and live fuller lives. Our mentors support mentees through personal, one-on-one conversations, skill-building, resource sharing and providing opportunities for personal growth.


How Does It Work?

Pairing Mentors & Mentees
The Mentor Program is a voluntary program that pairs participants together based on shared similarities and interests. Pairing students occurs in the following ways:

1.    Pairs are based on their identities including sexual orientation and gender
2.    Specific needs/requests of the mentee
3.    Mutual availability of the mentor and mentee

Mentees are paired with staff, faculty and/or other students based on the above criteria.

One of the main components of the Mentor Program is goal setting. Its expected that students set at least 3 goals to accomplish while meeting with their mentor throughout the academic year. Mentors will guide and assist their mentees in choosing their goals and developing action steps to complete them.

Program Duration
The program accepts students during the months of September-April. Participants are expected to commit to one full academic year (8 months) regardless of when they apply. For example, if a student applies for the program in February, it is expected that they meet with their mentor for 8 consecutive months, ending the program in October.


Common Outcomes Of Mentorship

•    Improved self-esteem, social responsibility, problem solving strategies and communication skills
•    Heightened sense of belonging
•    Higher chance of graduating
•    Improved resiliency
•    Improved social skills
•    Enhanced motivation and academic achievement
•    Reduced at-risk behaviors including self-harm, and illegal activities



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