Know Your Resources

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LGBTQIA Groups & Departments

The U of M has over 30 LGBTQIA student organizations, departments, and affinity groups on campus.  Knowing about these resources will help you becom more knowledgeable about the University and afford you the opportunity to better assist LGBTQIA students, staff and faculty in finding appropriate resources they may need to access. 


Bias Response Team

​The Bias Response and Referral Network for the Twin Cities campus has been meeting since mid February 2015 and receives reports of bias incidents. Email reports of bias incidents you have experienced or observed.


The Student Conflict Resolution Center

The Student Conflict Resolution Center (SCRC) offers informal and formal conflict resolution services to resolve students' university-based problems and concerns.


Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

The Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office (EOAA) investigates complaints about discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment; sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence; nepotism; and retaliation.


University Student Legal Services

University Student Legal Services (SLS) offers legal services and education to University of Minnesota students. All legal services are provided by experienced legal professionals, some with 30+ years of experience representing students.


Are we missing something?

Let us know what resources would be helpful and we'll add them to the list! Email us at to provide feedback.



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