Student Leadership Retreat

Photo of a group selfie from the Student Leadership Retreat 2016

Photo Credit: Jason Jackson

The LGBTQIA Leadership Retreat Program is centered around defining and applying leadership with a social justice lens. Over the course of 2 days, University of Minnesota undergraduate students will have to opportunity to build community while exploring intersecting identities and oppressions.



The LGBTQIA Leadership Retreat Program exists to foster reflection on leadership locally and globally for LGBTQIA students at the University of Minnesota by engaging in a myriad of activities and exercises. 



The LGBTQIA Leadership Retreat Program’s vision is to stimulate critical thought on the concepts of leadership at the University of Minnesota. It allows students to identify how they can craft and improve their leadership skills. This program also sets up students to become global citizens in a multicultural world.  


Outcomes for the Student Leadership Retreat

By participating in the Student Leadership Retreat, students will have the opportunity to develop the following competencies:

  • Strategically practice goal setting;
  • Learn about multiple approaches to leadership from experienced leaders;
  • Recognize the need for leadership in various community activities;
  • Identify a personal leadership style or leadership philosophy;
  • Understand intersectionality and the social constructions of sex and gender; and
  • Develop confidence in personal leadership and capacity to take on a leadership role in various situations.



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